Moores Removals Packing Kits

Packing Made Easy

Moving home can be a stressful time, especially when you have to balance your work and personal life along the way. We aim to make the whole process easier by providing you with all the packing kits equipment you will need, from boxes and tissue paper to rolls of tape and marker pens.

Wardrobe Box

£ £12
00 Each + P&P
  • 508mm Long x 451mm Wide x 1220mm High

Large Moving Box

£ £3
75 Each + P&P
  • Double Walled 500mm x 460mm x 460mm)

Tape (48mm x 66mm)

£ £4
00 Per Roll + P&P
  • Strong
  • Durable
  • Brown
  • Vinyl
  • Parcel Tape

Wrapping Paper

£ £15
00+ P&P
  • 500mm x 750mm – 160 Sheets

Book Box

£ £2
75 + P&P
  • 460mm x 350mm x 350mm
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